• Skills

Adobe: After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Indesign

Final Cut Pro

Mac: Pages, Numbers, Keynote

Microsoft: Excel, Power-Point, Publisher, Word

Photography, Product Photography, Painting, Laser Cutting, Wood Burning/Engraving, Book Binding, Envelope and Letter Design, Table Tents, Box Design, Crafting

Squarespace & Mailchimp Startup

  • Education

Completed Intro to Neon Art: The Museum of Neon Art (Glendale, CA)
Learned all the skills necessary to design and assemble my own neon sculpture/sign. Under the step-by-step guidance of an experienced teacher and artist, David Otis Johnson of Leafcutter Studios. An 8-week introductory class.

MFA Undergraduate in Graphic Design: Otis College of Art and Design

BA Fine Arts 2008-2013: California State University Channel Islands
(Camarillo, CA)
Cumulative GPA: 3.55 Cum Laude
Art, Studio Art
Certificate of Graphic Design from California State University Channel Islands (Camarillo, CA)

Graduated Pacific Palisades Charter High School

  • Professional Work Experience

Graphic Designer and Marketing Manager for The Riviera Country Club April 2018-Present
Create a Collaborative Bi-Monthly Newsletter for the members detailing upcoming events and club related news. Design flyers, menus, awards, calendars, buffet cards, emergency placards, brochures, and booklets for members and guests. Photograph events when available.

Graphic Designer for Twist Your Spirits™ April 2017-April 2018
Photographed, edited, and animated products for social media and web use.

Creative Assistant for Andrea Gibbin of In Bocca Al Lupo April 2017-April 2018
Designed the website, photographed and edited the products on the online store, organized the newsletter and contact information, offered advice and help with curating social media content, all to make a fun, interactive and user friendly experience for the shopper.

Creative Assistant to Cynthia Hirschhorn of and March 2014–April 2018
Constructed and Designed a website that informs Los Angeles about the growth and renewal efforts happening along the LA River. Along with navigating patrons on ways to contribute help. Assisted in creating and maintaining a bi-monthly newsletter gearing audiences to the revitalization efforts along the Los Angeles River.

Web Designer for She's Complete Boutique July-August 2017
E-commerce clothing website

Web Designer for Dryden Helgoe June-July 2017
Dryden Helgoe is a landscape designer in Santa Monica, CA. 

Art Unified Lead Graphic Designer October 2013Present
Conducted meetings with business owners and Interior Designers, promoting artwork to be placed in local businesses and future homes to be sold to clients. Designed bios, price tags and print media for artwork placed in establishments. Representative at art shows. Updated social media websites and applications informing the public when and where an artwork was placed. Assisted in installing the artwork. Photographed artwork for the Art Unified website and advertisements. Provided general maintenance of the website.

Jewelers Paradise Lead Graphic Designer  July 2015–March 2016
Published and designed a catalog for wholesalers containing new and upcoming jewelry designs. Created a physical banner for trade shows to promote the website. Built categories and links to the website using Wordpress and Photoshop skills. Answered questions, pulled inventory and acted as general public relations for customers of the website. Created product SKU numbers and shelved products. Photographed merchandise using a light box. Listed products on the website and etsy pages.

Film Editor and Animated Graphics for Natel January 12th 2014
Natel requested a documentary commemorating their companies' perseverance and CEO during and after the Northridge earthquake of 1994. 

Newcomers of Pacific Palisades Annual Lead Graphic Designer December 2013–December 2014
Designed a logo along with a club roster and directory booklet so that members and affiliates of the association may contact each other regarding shared interests.

Film Editor/ Cinematographer for "Sober Living"  September–January 2014
Filmed and edited a web series titled “Sober Living.”

Pacific Palisades Art Association Speaker September 24th 2013
Presented on my artwork and practice along with a demonstration on how to publish artwork and create a book by hand or on the computer, using a variety of different providers and book binding techniques. Such as Blurb, Aperture, Shutterfly, as well as sewing, folding, printing and gluing.

Giant Robot 2 Gallery Support September 6th 2013
Handled delicate and fragile artwork carefully and respectfully for Kozyndan’s upcoming reception the following day. Organized recently purchased artwork and contacted buyers to arrange a pickup.

Student Support Services Resource Assistant Fall 2011–Spring 2013
Created a documentary, advertisements and a monthly newsletter for the program. Answered questions over the phone and in person regarding the campus and the program, filed and protected student confidential paper work using a computer software program (Blumen) and hard copy files, maintained a tidy workspace. Provided computers printers, and a quiet study area to students of low income, disability and first generation, under the criteria set forth by TRiO, a branch of the United States Department of Education. 

Orientation Leader Summer 2011
California State University Channel Islands New Student Orientation Transition Programs, Welcomed new and prospective student to the campus through group circles, tours of the campus and liaison for faculty and staff.

Student Office Assistant Fall semester 2010 Fall/Spring Semester 2011
California State University Channel Islands Residential Education, Conducted filing, answering the phones, mail delivery, provided minor technical support, and facilitatedcampus events and advertising, while offering peer to peer counseling on academic decisions.

Resident Assistant Spring 2010
California State University Channel Islands Residential Education, Continued duties of a desk assistant while securing the safety of the residents and planned fun educational events. 

Pet Care Specialist 2009–Present
Palipetcare Inc. (family owned dog daycare and boarding center), Accountable for feeding, cleaning, exercising, and caring for my client’s animals and home. The business requires entrepreneurial and basic bookkeeping skills as well as the ability to ensure full client satisfaction. The business has allowed me to pursue my educational goals and help my family skillfully and financially through the current economic conditions.

Pacific Palisades Art Association Vice President 2008-Present
Volunteer with assisting art speakers and presenters with setting up their presentations with physical art and projector demonstrations. Introduce and find local artists and inform members of current events when the president is absent. Advertise and update members  and publications with an e-mail newsletter that includes upcoming art shows. 

Pacific Palisades Historical Society Archivist 2008- Present
Volunteer to take pictures, scan and preserve valuable memorabilia, photographs, and events for my local historical society.  

  • Scholastic Accomplishments

Winner of the “Who is Who” award 2011

The Student Leadership Awards Ceremony, Won for an outstanding GPA and the leadership roles taken on campus.

Mr. Palisades 2008
Won a town contest based on personality, and animation talents.

  • Art Accomplishments

Pacific Palisades Flag Contest March 2014
Was chosen among three out of 250 applicants by the Honorary Mayor Jake.

Pacific Palisades Art Association November 16th 2013
Won 1st in the Graphic Design Print Category.

Mary Ellen Mark 2008
Photographed by Mary Ellen Mark for her documentary book Prom.

Pacific Palisades Art Association 2007
Won 1st prize for a photograph titled "self portrait"

  • Art Shows

Pacific Palisades Art Association December 31st. 2011, August 3rd 2013
Collaborative Art Show at the Pacific Palisades Public Library

The Palisades Collaborative Art Show and Sale July 15th 2011, 2012
Located on Sunset Blvd. California at the Village Green,

Collaborative Art Show June 24th 2012
Florence Academy Gallery in Florence, Italy

Collaborative Art Show June 14th 2012
Paris American Academy in Paris, France